Drawcember 2017 · Thoughts

Drawcember Day 1: Winter

CG Society and Wacom are hosting a 22-day Drawcember challenge! I’ll be doing a sketch every morning based on a word from Wacom’s prompt list.

I plan to write a retrospective on the importance of community art challenges. I’ve participated in three this year; Artstation’s Beyond Human and Beneath the Waves, as well as Inktober. It’s immensely satisfying to watch a group of stellar artists work through a theme in several different ways.

One thing that makes Artstation’s challenges such a treat is the absence of a contest prize, and instead recognizes the quality of work on its own as the reward.

I’d like to go through Drawcember in a similar way, as a personal daily challenge and a morning warm-up. So let’s start!

The prompt for Day 1 of Drawcember is “Winter!”