Inktober Critters 2018 · Thoughts

Inktober, Day 1: Poisonous

I’m doing Inktober again as part of my morning routine! I haven’t used inks since this time last year. Sketching in ink is a bit of a departure from how I usually tackle warming up before starting the day, but I think I’ll enjoy it as much as I did before.

Every year there tends to be a bit of a scramble when October/Inktober rolls around; Some artists tend to worry a bit too much about participating everyday. There’s anxiety over what to draw. People get upset over not having certain pens or other tools to use. There’s this strive to do the best possible work you can do in ink everyday. If someone’s unable to do their best work in ink, then the only other option, in their eyes, is to bully and force inclusiveness of other mediums in ways that change the spirit of the challenge.

A fun community event ended up turning into something negative and stress-inducing for some.

Many artists are perfectionists in what they post online and it’s something I understand. I just hope it doesn’t prevent anyone from participating this time and to look forward to making a personal drawing in ink every day, no matter how small.

I’ll be using the official prompt list and once again doing 31 daily sketches of critters! Day One’s prompt is “Poisonous!”

Drawcember 2017 · Thoughts

Drawcember Day 1: Winter

CG Society and Wacom are hosting a 22-day Drawcember challenge! I’ll be doing a sketch every morning based on a word from Wacom’s prompt list.

I plan to write a retrospective on the importance of community art challenges. I’ve participated in three this year; Artstation’s Beyond Human and Beneath the Waves, as well as Inktober. It’s immensely satisfying to watch a group of stellar artists work through a theme in several different ways.

One thing that makes Artstation’s challenges such a treat is the absence of a contest prize, and instead recognizes the quality of work on its own as the reward.

I’d like to go through Drawcember in a similar way, as a personal daily challenge and a morning warm-up. So let’s start!

The prompt for Day 1 of Drawcember is “Winter!”